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new Brio
even better! plus a headphone amp
only $995 retail
Hi-Fi Choice Editor's Choice:
"a stunning value...this one is a cracker"

"It's a cracking brilliant music maker with big tone, big beat, and big ambitions...At $995, the Brio is better than it should be. Roy Gandy has done it. Again."
Ken Micallef, Stereophile

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Rega Research designs and manufactures all of its products in Great Britain. In addition to being one of the premier turntable and cartridge manufacturers, Rega offers a full line of electronics, including the Apollo-R and Saturn-R CD Players and the new Rega DAC-R.

Rega's new DAC-R "offers a very nice sense of resolution, unraveling music in a relaxed, yet musically convincing manner", Michael Lavorgna, AudioStream. Read the review. choose from 3 filters for optimim sound quality.

The Saturn-R CD Player/DAC features a high spec transport and independent DAC circuit with coaxial, optical and USB digital inputs. Plus coaxial and optical digital outputs. The DAC has 5 selectable digital filters, and the USB is asynchronous 24/192. Only $2995 retail.

The Elicit-R 105 watt Integrated Amp has just bee released in the US. MM phono, system remote, preamp output, power amp input plus a refined transparent sound. What Hi-Fi gives it 5 stars, "This really is one of the best stereo amplifiers we’ve heard at this price. Its staggeringly agility and ability to reveal fine detail is admirable – but what makes it truly impressive is how musical and interesting it sounds...What makes it truly impressive is how musical and interesting it sounds." Also a What Hi-Fi 2014 Award Winner. It replaces the previous Elicit, and still only $2995!

The new Elex-R is already a What Hi-Fi 2014 Award Winner, "An agile, articulate performer that gets to the heart of the music with a fast, agile sound that's rhythmically assured." 75 watts per channel, MM phono, preamp out, remote and a great sound. Only $1795.

Also just released is the Aria Phono Stage. Totally separate phono stages for MM and MC, adjustable capacitive and resistive loading. Only $1495. Analog Planet Gruvy Award winner!

Here now is the flagship RP10 'table. Featuring the new RB2000 tonearm, Rega's best ever, a ceramic platter, skeletal plinth, dual bracing, new DSP custom power supply and much more, it is already winning high praise, The Absolute Sound's Best Analog Sound (for the money): "The Rega RP10 takes the cake here, for what other turntable package sounds so amazing for the $6495 price tag?" From Wayne Carcia's TAS review, "I felt as if I were hearing music at once familiar but oh-so fresh, as if anew. The music all but leapt...with an extraordinary presence, and...a sense of there-ness and life, of flesh-and-blood energy, that makes listening to music with the RP10 as engaging as I’ve ever known." $5495 retail without cartridge, and $6695 retail with factory mounted new Apheta 2 MC cartridge (save $1000!) Order yours now!

The new RP8 is full of new Rega tech which translates into great sound and value: RB808 tonearm, 3 piece laminated platter, magnesium and phenolic double bracing, tweaked TT-PSU, skeletal plinth design with polyolefin foam core, and de-coupled outer frame and dust cover. All for $2995, or $4195 with Rega's new Aphetta 2 MC cartridge (save $695), or $3490 with the Rega Exact 2 MM cartridge (save $100.) The Absolute Sound's Neil Gader has high praise, "this design vaults Rega into the big leagues... It’s simply among the best mid-level designs on the market." And a Gruvy Award from Analog Planet : "Rega’s new $2995 RP8 turntable/RB808 arm combo is the most exciting and truly revolutionary turntable to be introduced in quite some time." GET YOURS NOW!

The Apollo-R is rated 5 stars by Hi-Fi Choice: "Like: Unfailingly fun to listen to, its fizzling with enthusiasim and verve. Dislike: Nothing at the price, not even the remote! We Say: Our favorite budget silver disc spinner right now, by a countrymile." Also a Class A Stereophile Recommended Component: "an analog sense of certainty...Its performance was a revelation, and stunning in the way it got things so rhythmically right." Only $1095 retail!

The RP3, reviewed here by Tone Audio, has upgraded plinth, main bearing and tonearm, plus improved tonearm mounting. The RP3 turntable follows a long and stellar tradition of Planar 3 'tables, each one adding significant upgrades to the previous.What Hi-Fi 2014 Award Winner: "Another virtuoso turn from Rega. Few rivals are as fuss-free or sound so good – easy to set up and use." The Absolute's Sound's Wayne Garcia says, "the improvements heard with the RP3...are the most dramatic I can recall in this company's long history." Stereophile's Analog Source Component of the Year for 2012, and Runner-up Budget Component!

The RP6 has a cast aluminum sub platter, a two piece glass flywheel platter, dual brace plinth, upgraded feet, gloss finish and comes standard with the TT PSU power supply. 5 stars from Hi-Fi Choice: "the RP6 is a killer turntable, it's hard to see why the music lover would ever want for more..."
You can go up the line to the P9, or to the new entry level RP1 (What Hi-Fi best 'table up to £300 ($470) and find the same value and sound quality that Rega is famous for. You get what you pay for and a lot more.

The Brio-R is an amazing integrated amp. The strongest 50 watts we have heard, and a sound that compares to much more expensive amps. Remote and Phono included. A great review in What Hi-Fi. And from Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound, "Right out of the gate, I was impressed by the weight, tonal density, and authority the Brio-R brought to recordings. Brass had the requisite brilliance but avoided agressiveness. Even on orchestral passages filled with heavy low strings and winds and big precussion, the Brio-R goes a long way maintaining timbral cues and controlling waves of harmonics."


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CD Players Turntables

Saturn-R CD Player/DAC
High spec transport and independent DAC circuit
coax, optical and USB digital in - coax and optical digital out
5 selectable digital filters
asynchronous 24/192 USB
$2995 retail




RP3 'table with RB-303 arm
shown in Titanium - also available in Cool Gray and White
Stereophile Analog Source Component of the Year for 2012!
and Runner-up Budget Component!
What Hi-Fi 2014 Award Winner
$895 retail - $1095 with Elys 2 pre mounted cartridge - Save $95



Apollo-R CD Player
New WM8742 Wolfson DAC - same as in the Rega DAC
Digital input, digital output, analog outputs - improved power supplies
5 Stars ***** Hi-Fi Choice
Stereophile Class A Recommended!!
Available in black or silver - $1095 retail








RP6 'table with RB-303 arm
TT PSU upgrade power supply standard
shown in Gloss Black - also available in Gloss White, Red or Green
Cast aluminum sub platter, 2 piece glass flywheel platter, dual brace plinth
$1495 retail - $1990 w/Exact 2 cartridge - Save $100!
"a killer turntable", May 2012 Hi-Fi Choice



105 watt Integrated Amp with Remote
MM phono, Preamp out, Power Amp in
available in black
read the What Hi-Fi 5 star review
What Hi-Fi 2014 Award Winner
$2995 retail



new Elex-R
72 watt Integrated Amp with Remote
MM phono, Preamp out, 4 line inputs
available in Black
Winner of the WHAT HI-FI 2014 Award for Best stereo amp.
$1795 retail



RP8 'table
RB808 tonearm, 3 piece laminated platter, magnesium and phenolic double bracing, tweaked TT-PSU, skeletal plinth w/polyolefin foam core, de-coupled outer frame.
The Absolute Sound review
Hi-Fi + review
Analog Planet review
$2995 retail - no cartridge
$4195 with new Rega Aphetta 2 MC cartridge (save $695!)
$3490 w/Rega Exact 2 MM cartridge (save $100!)






50 watt Integrated Amp with Phono and Remote
$995 retai
A great amp for the analogue lover
Most poweful 50 watts we've heard - an amazing integrated!
Available in Silver and Black
Tone Audio review




external power supply for Planar 3, RP6, RP3, P3-24 and P5
Standard with RP6, RP8
available black
$395 retail


new RP10 'table
RB2000 tonearm, ceramic platter, new DSP custom power supply, more
$5495 retail - no cartridge
$6695 with new Rega Apheta 2 MC cartridge (save $695!)
The Absolute Sound review



new Rega DAC-R
16-20-24-bit at 32 kHz to 192kHz digital to analogue conversion
2 coax, USB, 2 toslink inputs - 3 user selectable digital filters
2 Wolfsen WM8742 DACs driven via buffer stage
$1195 retail - until Jan 15 only $1095

"If you have $1195 to spend and prefer your digital music with a slight bit of warmth, but without losing any of a recording's details, the Rega DAC-R is a DAC for your short list—especially since you can tune those filters."
full Stereophile review


RP1 'table with RB 101 arm
Premounted Ortofon OM-5E cartridge
REGA RP-1 review Stereophile Class C Recommended
What Hi-Fi best 'table up to £300 ($470)
shown in Gool Gray - also available in Titanium and White
$445 retail
RP1 Upgrade Pack
Reference Drive Belt, Wool Matt, and Rega Bias 2 cartridge
$195 retail



new Aria

Exact 2 MM cartridge
$595 retail
Analog Planet Gruvy Award!


Elys 2 MM cartridge
REGA ELYS 2 review Stereophile Class C $$$
$295 retail


MM/MC Phono Stage
available in black
Analog Planet Gruvy Award!
$1495 retail



Aphetta 2 MC cartridge
$1895 retail


Fono MM moving magnet Phono Stage
What Hi-Fi 2014 Award Winner
$395 retail




Fono Mini A2D Phono Stage
$175 retail





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