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Esprit Ex





The Esprit EX line incorporates the new TZ2500 tweeter, the result of research from the Magellan line, new ultra fast, dynamic and natural sounding midrange drivers, and new bass drivers that have more low frequency extension and clarity. The Altea EX and Antal EX are fitted with the new SPEC base for improved stability and mechanical conduction of acoustic energy. Three EX models are Stereophile Recommended Components, the Titus and Comete monitors, and the Antal floorstander. See Sam Tellig's review in the April 2008 Stereophile of the Titus EX, where he concludes, "Their in-house drivers are why Triangle rules..the Titus is a must hear", and the Antal EX where he concludes, "the entirely coherent soundstage went deep and wide behind the speakers... the Antal is a must-hear: the best affordable floorstander yet from one of my favorite loudspeaker manufacturers. It's also one of the most tube- and SET- friendly loudspeakers on the planet." Art Dudley's review of the Comete EX, also in the April 2008 Stereophile, concludes with, "the Cometes could have stayed here indefinitely, and I wouldn't have minded at all... Unless something better for the price comes along, I could see the Comete EX remaining in our 'Recommended Components' list for an awfully long time, if not quite eternally." For Home Theater try the Voce EX center channel and the Heyda EX surround speakers, plus a Meteor subwoofer.


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Titus EX
2 way monitor

Comete EX
2 way monitor

Altea EX
2.5 way floorstander

Antal EX
3 way floorstander

Voce EX
2 way center channel




Heyda EX
2 way surrounds








subwoofers add high quality bass where needed and integrate perfectly with Triangle speakers and others that value speed and clarity over sheer volume.

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Meteor 0.1tc
sub with remote - 100 watt amp - 8.4" woofer

Meteor 0.5
wireless sub with remote - 300 watt amp - 11.2" woofer









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